It's been a 25 year journey, we have weathered the storm and invite you to become part of the Blight Busters success story.

The One Square Mile Neighborhood

The One Square Mile Neighborhood Since 1988, the Blight Busters have been working to rebuild the Old Redford neighborhood. Anchored by Artist Village and the restoration of the Old Redford Resource Center, Blight Busters ignited a spark that started a community down the path of redemption. So what is a one square mile community? It’s a way to gather our resources, make changes in our own backyard, and bring the citizens of Northwest Detroit together to continue to sow the seeds of change. Through our 2014 funding initiatives and programs we set out an ambitious plan to change the world; starting with Detroit.

artists village

Artist Village 2014 Funding Initiative

Artist Village Detroit is another Blight Busters miracle.  This near extinction facility was reborn through our volunteers and coalition of partners. Artist Village Detroit…


Demolition & Restoration

Blight Busters has been hand wrecking blighted Detroit structures for over 25 years.  We’ve successfully torn down over 300 abandoned properties and recycled the…


Farm City 2014 Funding Initiative

In 2008 Blight Busters teamed up with Fertile Ground Collective to make Farm City Detroit a reality. In 2012, we received $120,000 in funding from…

Veteran's Village Center

Veteran’s Village Center

Prior to our acquisition, this property served as transitional housing for persons with disabilities. In early 2012, the NGO that ran the home known…